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Lessons learned from COVID-19

The Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise leads the work of compiling experiences and lessons learned in working life during the COVID-19 pandemic. The report will form the basis of a joint European compilation carried out by the PEROSH network.

Newsletter May 2023

Headings: Our research-based guide "Safe patient handling and movement" is now available in English and our upcoming report "Rapid changes in working life place higher demands on work environment management".

  • Research-based guide

Research Becomes Practical!

We have produced a research-based guide to help managers, HR, work groups, protection officers, and other key personnel create an inclusive workplace for LGBTQI people.

Mapping Health Risks Associated with Physically Demanding Work

In two projects, the Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise is compiling knowledge on how prolonged or persistent physically demanding work affects work-related health. The compilations focus on mapping the association with mortality, cardiovascular diseases, sick leave, disability benefits, and the risk of having to change or terminate employment.

SAWEE at the Gender Equality Forum

For the second year in a row, The Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise participated in the Gender Equality Forum in Karlstad, February 7-8. This time, they shared a booth with The Swedish Work Environment Authority, under the slogan – Gender Equal Work Environment!


Merry Christmas and a Happy OSH Year!

This year's Christmas gift may not fit in traditional wrapping paper, and is a bit of a challenge to place under the tree, but despite that it is perfectly possible to share with others.

Important knowledge of work environment risks and health factors in health care personnel

Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise has reported its mission on the working environment in healthcare to the government. It is clear that it is a pressured industry where employees have considered changing their workplaces. It is also clear that the knowledge that already exists about how to promote a good and sustainable working environment is not used to the extent that would be needed.

Newsletter December 2023

Headings: The Agency Participated in the World Congress on Safety and Health at Work in Sydney, Threats and Violence in the Workplace and Sexual Harassment – Part of Gender-based Violence in the Workplace.

Brain-Friendly Work Environments Can Counteract Burnout

In a new project, the Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise is compiling relevant research in the field of cognitive ergonomics. The purpose of this literature review is to raise awareness about factors associated with good cognitive ergonomics across various types of jobs and diverse tasks. Another goal is to describe the outcomes of different workplace interventions. The results can contribute to the development of systematic occupational health and safety efforts, enhancing cognitive ergonomics in workplaces.

Newsletter October 2023

Headings: Effects of Workplace Regulations, The Agency Hosted the 2023 PEROSH Research Conference and William Cockburn Salazar appointed new EU-OSHA Executive Director.

Effects of Workplace Regulations

The Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise has initiated a project where the consequences of workplace regulations will be investigated in a literature review. The purpose of this compilation is to map and consolidate research on workplace regulations, their impact, and how they are implemented in workplace practices.

How the Workplace is Affected by Domestic Violence

Analysts from the Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise, in collaboration with The Swedish Gender Equality Agency and the Swedish Work Environment Authority, have developed a brochure for employers. It contains knowledge, guidance, advice, and inspiration on how to systematically address issues related to domestic violence.