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At the Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise we collect, compile, and communicate knowledge of what constitutes a good work environment and how that correlates with employee-health, company productivity and profitability.

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Swedish schools were open during the pandemic

Unlike many other countries, compulsory schools (up to grade 9) in Sweden remained open during the pandemic. Changes to working methods in schools were implemented in order to prevent the spread of infection and keep activities running but how did it affect the work environment for teachers?

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Low Awareness of the Work Environment for People with Disabilities

The knowledge about the work environment for people with disabilities is relatively low. Therefore, there is a need to increase understanding and compile knowledge in relation to the work environment.

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Important knowledge of work environment risks and health factors in health care personnel

Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise has reported it’s mission on the working environment in healthcare to the government. It’s clear that it is a pressured industry where employees have considered changing their workplaces.

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Occupational risk prevention at platform work

Platform work is a rapidly growing sector, which increases the need to understand and manage the occupational health risks within the area. In a new international collaboration, we are compiling knowledge related to platform work to map out specific occupational health risks and health-promoting factors.

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