For a healthy and sustainable working life

At the Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise we collect, compile, and communicate knowledge of what constitutes a good work environment and how that correlates with employee-health, company productivity and profitability.

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Sexual harassment – part of gender-based violence in the workplace

Based on a gender perspective, the Swedish Agency for Work Environment Knowledge compiles knowledge about which factors in the work environment entail increased risks of being subjected to harassment due to gender.

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Swedish schools were open during the pandemic

Unlike many other countries, compulsory schools (up to grade 9) in Sweden remained open during the pandemic. Changes to working methods in schools were implemented in order to prevent the spread of infection and keep activities running but how did it affect the work environment for teachers?

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Effects of Workplace Regulations

The Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise has initiated a project where the consequences of workplace regulations will be investigated in a literature review. The purpose of this compilation is to map and consolidate research on workplace regulations, their impact, and how they are implemented in workplace practices.

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