Low Awareness of the Work Environment for People with Disabilities

The knowledge about the work environment for people with disabilities is relatively low. Therefore, there is a need to increase understanding and compile knowledge in relation to the work environment.

The Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise will compile current research throughout the year to enhance understanding of the hindering and promoting mechanisms in the work environment for people with physical, mental, and intellectual disabilities. An objective of the work is to ensure that the results can be used in organizations’ work environment efforts to create an inclusive, long-term, and sustainable working life for people with disabilities. The focus will be on the physical, social, and organizational work environment.

Veselinka Möllerström is the lead process analyst at the agency and is heading this initiative. Her hope is that the effort will increase understanding of, and improve, the work environment for people with disabilities. She explains that only a minor portion of the research within the field of disabilities relates to working life. With increased knowledge, the possibilities for creating a well-thought-out work environment where people can thrive and contribute in the best way are improved.

Veselinka also points out that there are several different ways to name and categorize disabilities. In this compilation, the categorization used by the National Board of Health and Welfare and Statistics Sweden is followed, dividing disabilities into mental, physical, and intellectual disabilities.

To compile the material, the agency has engaged two experts from Malmö University, Maria Norstedt and Per Germundsson both with extensive experience in the subject matter. Among other things, they have recently completed a joint research project on entrepreneurship among people with disabilities.

The project is initiated by the Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise and will be presented around the turn of the year 2024–2025, both in a comprehensive knowledge compilation and in a simple, concise popular version.

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