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Newsletter June 2023

Headings: Working Environment Knowledge for Young People, The work environment of teachers in compulsory schools during the Covid-19 pandemic and Important work for everyone to feel included in their workplaces.

Occupational safety and health stocktaking summit

On May 15-16, we participated in the "Occupational safety and health stocktaking summit" conference. Around 300 politicians and officials from all Member States, representatives from EU institutions, and occupational safety and health experts gathered to discuss the implementation of the EU's strategy for health and safety at work 2021-2027.

Visitors from EU-OSHA

Many tips and advice regarding networks and contact persons, as well as a deeper understanding of each other's work. That was the content of the visit from EU-OSHA when the Interim Executive Director visited us. - We have heard many examples today that will help us in our work, says William Cockburn.

Newsletter March 2023

Headings: The consequences of the corona pandemic on the work environment, Farmers’ psychosocial work environment and mental health and Systematic literature review of the work environment within the Police Force.

Farmers’ psychosocial work environment and mental health

Much of the previous research and improvement efforts in agriculture have focused on the physical work environment. In order to ensure a sustainable and viable work environment for farmers, we believe that knowledge about the farmers’ organisational and psychosocial work environment must also be developed, compiled and disseminated.

Identified knowledge gaps in 2022

Through the knowledge compilations produced by the agency, we gain knowledge about areas where there is a lack of research. Identifying the knowledge gaps is important because they can serve as inspiration for future research. Here is a summary of the knowledge gaps that have been identified in our completed knowledge summaries in 2022.


The results of the campaign Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load Were Presented in Bilbao

During the years 2020–2022, the EU-Osha has worked with the campaign Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load. Leading experts, decision-makers and representatives for the social partners gathered in Bilbao on 14 and 15 November to summarize the results of the campaign during a campaign summit. Nader Ahmadi, Director General and Therese Florentin, International Coordinator, represented our agency.

What can we learn from the corona pandemic?

During the two years that the corona pandemic was most intense, workers, employers and workplaces in Sweden and around the world were put to the test. But what can we learn from what happened in our workplaces during the pandemic, and how can we use that knowledge in the future?

Newsletter November 2022

Headings: The organisational and social work environment of LGTBQ+ persons, The Healthy Workplaces Summit 2022 and Launching – Evidensed based guide for promoting safe patient handling and movement.

The Healthy Workplaces Summit 2022

The Healthy Workplaces Summit 2022 will bring together leading European experts and decision makers to discuss the results of the Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load campaign.