The rapid emergence of platform work challenges traditional knowledge – focus in new compilation

Platform work is a rapidly growing sector, which increases the need to understand and manage the occupational health risks within the area. In a new international collaboration, we are now compiling knowledge related to platform work to map out specific occupational health risks and health-promoting factors.

Platform work differs from traditional employment through its organizational structure, where algorithm-driven job assignments, constant connectivity, and a tripartite relationship between the platform, customer, and worker pose entirely new challenges. Together with a research group from the University of Valencia, we are therefore compiling knowledge in the field to better understand and manage these challenges.

Robert Ljung is the process-leading analyst at the agency and leads the work. He emphasizes that the rapid growth of workers within platform work increases the significance of the project. He explains that this sector has grown quickly in a short time and continues to grow. And that a mapping is necessary to create a basis for better understanding for future measures related to the work environment within platform work.

Robert also points out that the compiled knowledge may play a significant role in future research by helping to identify knowledge gaps and needs.

To compile the knowledge, we have engaged the expert Adrian Todoli Signes from the University of Valencia, who leads the research group. Adrian is a senior lecturer in labor law and has extensive experience in the field, having published several articles in international journals and a book on the platform economy titled “Work in the Era of the Sharing Economy.”

The results will be presented in a knowledge compilation around the turn of the year 2024-2025.

Learn more about Occupational risk prevention at platform work (In Swedish)