Lessons learned from COVID-19

The Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise leads the work of compiling experiences and lessons learned in working life during the COVID-19 pandemic. The report will form the basis of a joint European compilation carried out by the PEROSH network.

The coronavirus pandemic meant a great strain on working life and the working environment. By compiling literature and interviewing people with a key role during the pandemic, the agency is writing a report on Sweden’s handling of the pandemic regarding the work environment.
What did Sweden do, and why? What did it mean for working life that the schools were kept open during the pandemic? Did unemployment increase due to the pandemic? How did the work environment change on a social, physical and organizational level?

Robert Ljung, process lead analyst at the Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise.

– It will be interesting to follow the work and I look forward to sharing the results of the report. Sweden stood out in its handling of the pandemic in that we didn’t have as many restrictions as other European countries, so I think there is a lot of interest in our compilation, says Robert Ljung, process lead analyst at The Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise.


The report will summarize what Sweden did and why. The experiences and conclusions that are compiled will form the basis for the management of a possible future pandemic. In the next stage, the results will be summarized in a joint report for the EU countries, with the aim of learning from each other.

Working group

Doctor of Philosophy Anders Fredriksson with experience in research, analysis and business development within the social science field.
Karin Hedin, who previously conducted research at Lund University. She worked as an advisor at Sweden’s Municipalities and Regions (SKR) during the pandemic and participated in the coordination of measures between the organization’s policy areas.

The Swedish report will be ready by November 1, 2024.

Read more about the project (in Swedish).