What can we learn from the corona pandemic?

During the two years that the corona pandemic was most intense, workers, employers and workplaces in Sweden and around the world were put to the test. But what can we learn from what happened in our workplaces during the pandemic, and how can we use that knowledge in the future?

In 2022, we were awarded an extra grant to compile knowledge about the short- and long-term effects that the corona pandemic had on the work environment in Sweden and, if possible, with an international comparison. Workplaces had to quickly change existing routines and find new ways to perform tasks. Many workers were forced to work remotely from home and perform their tasks with new, digital tools.

However the greater proportion of workers did not have the opportunity to carry out their jobs remotely, but had to go to their workplaces as “usual” and were faced with major challenges with everything that meant minimising the spread of infection and the risk of being exposed to infection themselves.

In order to carry out the government assignment, we have organised the work in six different sub-projects with different orientations and with parallel studies where several researchers work to answer different questions.

The government assignment is due to be reported on March 15, 2023.

Read more about the projects (in Swedish)