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Newsletter December 2023

Headings: The Agency Participated in the World Congress on Safety and Health at Work in Sydney, Threats and Violence in the Workplace and Sexual Harassment – Part of Gender-based Violence in the Workplace.

Newsletter October 2023

Headings: Effects of Workplace Regulations, The Agency Hosted the 2023 PEROSH Research Conference and William Cockburn Salazar appointed new EU-OSHA Executive Director.

Newsletter June 2023

Headings: Working Environment Knowledge for Young People, The work environment of teachers in compulsory schools during the Covid-19 pandemic and Important work for everyone to feel included in their workplaces.

Newsletter March 2023

Headings: The consequences of the corona pandemic on the work environment, Farmers’ psychosocial work environment and mental health and Systematic literature review of the work environment within the Police Force.

Newsletter November 2022

Headings: The organisational and social work environment of LGTBQ+ persons, The Healthy Workplaces Summit 2022 and Launching – Evidensed based guide for promoting safe patient handling and movement.

Newsletter April 2022

Although the pandemic is not completely over yet and despite an ongoing war in Europe that creates and intensifies tragedies in many people's lives, the Spring and Nature's rebirth are underway and only that gives hope.

Newsletter 21 December 2021

Headings - Knowledge of the pandemic's impact on the work environment, 2022 will be an intense year and Greetings from Therese Florentin our International Coordinator.