Literature review of the work environment within the Police Force

We compile knowledge about the working environment for patrolling police officers. The purpose is to see which factors constitute risks in the work environment, as well as what affects the work environment in a positive way.

Work-related ill health within the police force reduces the police’s ability to solve their tasks. A good working environment is also important for the authority to be an attractive workplace. The police authority is facing a major expansion and the ability to recruit, develop and retain personnel is crucial for them to solve their mission.

Does the work environment look different depending on the background?

We compile research on risk and health factors in the physical, organisational, social and operational work environment and we look into whether these look different depending on the employee’s background. Do the risk and health factors differ depending on age, gender, class, migration background and sexual orientation? Are there measures that have proven effective in strengthening the work environment? The focus is on studies completed in Sweden, EU countries (Western Europe), Great Britain and New Zealand.

The police’s work in external service makes the sector unique from a work environment perspective. That the professional corps constitutes healthy and prosperous workplaces is essential for Sweden’s safety and security, which is why we carry out this work.

Read more about the assignment (in Swedish): Risk and health factors in the work environment for police officers on external duty