The work environment of those who remained in their regular workplaces during the Covid-19 pandemic

The report summarizes the results of the government's mission to map and analyse the short- and long-term consequences of the corona pandemic and the impact on the work environment in Sweden. Read or download the file.


The aim of this study is to illuminate how employees, who during the pandemic continued to work mainly at their workplaces, experienced working on site and the effect the pandemic had on their environment. A survey was conducted among employees in the social care, retail and transport sectors between 11 October and 1 November 2022. In total, 2921 responses were received. The survey contained a series of questions within six different themes.

The survey shows, among other things, that there was an increased workload, especially in the social care sector. Respondents in both the social care and retail sectors said that it became more difficult to carry out their work, while opportunities for breaks and rests remained unchanged in the retail and transport sectors. The majority in the social care sector stated that new situations arose, the quality of their work suffered, and their overtime increased substantially. However, many in the retail and transport sectors reported that they were able to carry out their work as usual during the pandemic.


The report was created by Professor Dimitris Michailakis and Docent Susanne Kelfve from Linköping University on behalf of the Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise. Professor Irene Jensen from Karolinska Institutet contributed expert knowledge. The researchers selected the theoretical and methodological starting points and are responsible for the results and conclusions presented in this knowledge compilation. Docent David Hallman reviewed the quality of the report on behalf of the Agency. Pinar Aslan Akay PhD was the initial process leader at the Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise, followed by Dr Helene Johansson.

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    November 9, 2023