The work environment for managers during the Covid-19 pandemic

How did managers experience their work environment during the pandemic and what lessons can we draw for future crises? This report summarizes the results from a survey and interview study on managers' in Swedens work environment before, during, and after the pandemic


The following report describes how the Covid-19 pandemic affected the work environments of managers and those with leadership roles. The Covid-19 pandemic generated many changes in the approach to the workplace and organising tasks. Managers had no choice but to adapt their leadership to the new conditions that were generated at their organisations as a result of full or partial remote work, or employees continuing to work remotely. Adaptations included greater use of digital tools, developing and using new communication channels, and tackling the increased complexity of leadership tasks. The results of this report show how managers’ conditions deteriorated during the pandemic, and more demands were placed on lleadership. The results also show how managers had a more operational approach –at the expense of strategic work.

The report was written by:

Daniel Lundqvist, Docent Linköping University

Cathrine Reineholm, Dr Linköping University

Andreas Wallo, Associate Professor Linköping University

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    November 23, 2023