Safe patient handling and movement

This is Safe patient handling and movement- A research-based guide for a better work environment!

Who is the guide directed at?

Workplaces within:

  • Healthcare
  • Dental care
  • Public and private care- including home nursing, domestic services and personal assistance.

The purpose of the guide is to describe how employers and employees can work together to ensure safe patient handling and movement.

Download the guide

Download the Research-based Guide for Safe movement of patient handling and movement.

Download the guideAbout Save patient handling and movement

This is how the guide is structured

The guide initially addresses the background and important conditions for safe patient handling and movement followed by a practical work process consisting of five steps.

  1. Start up and establish
  2. Investigate and analyse
  3. Identify and assess risks
  4. Plan and implement actions
  5. Follow up and evaluate

Five points for safer passenger movements in the moment

To support the assessment of risks in the current movement situation

1. Communicate with the care recipientexpand_more

Tell the care recipient what will happen when the transfer is carried out. Communication involves the care recipient in their care and creates trust and security.

2. Find out what the care recipient can do in their ownexpand_more

  • Find out the ability of the care recipient to move themself.
  • Can the care recipient help?
  • Are there circumstances that can affect a transfer, such as an increased risk of falls or a risk of pressure sores?

3. Choose safe working methodexpand_more

The transfer should be safe for you as a healthcare worker.

  • Can you carry out the transfer yourself or are several people needed?
  • Is appropriate work equipment available?
  • Are there other risk factors to consider for the transfer to be carried out safely?
4. Allow sufficient timeexpand_more

If you do not think you have enough time, consider how you can change this, and do not let time be a risk factor.

5. Ensure you have spaceexpand_more

  • Every situation is different.
  • What do the premises look like?
  • Is there anything that is in the way for the transfer?

For guidance in everyday life – poster and quick guide

Along with the guide, there is a printable poster and quick guide for safe movement of people in the moment, which can be used as support in your daily work. Download, print and use in your workplace!

attach_filePoster (.pdf) attach_fileQuick guide (.pdf)


Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load

In Sweden and in Europe, a campaign called “Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load” has been carried out during the years 2020-2022. In Sweden, the Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertice and the Work Environment Agency, together with the labor market partners, chose to invest in the theme “Working with people – safe movement of people”. This guide is part of the effort to contribute to creating safe handlings and movements of people in health care and care.

Note that the guide is originally written for a Swedish context and based on Swedish work environment legislation. Readers should familiar themselves with relevant legislation and regulations pertaining to patient handling and movement in their own country to ensure compliance and best practices.