Healthy and Happy Workplaces

Knowing what factors contribute to a sustainable and healthy work environment is essential for creating healthy and happy workplaces. Is the issue how heavy the demands are or what resources are available? What responsibilities I, as an employee, am given or perhaps take on? Do coffee breaks play any role? How accessible the boss is?

The task

We have been tasked by the government with compiling factors that create healthy and happy workplaces.

How we approach the task

We have chosen to look more closely at and compile health factors in four specific areas, i.e., the psychosocial work environmentleadershipwork organisation, and the physical work environment, with a particular focus on ergonomics for the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders.

In these four areas, we will identify and compile the factors that create healthy and happy workplaces, based on what works well and fosters job satisfaction and efficiency. The results of the project will then be summarised and disseminated.