Occupational safety and health stocktaking summit

On May 15-16, we participated in the "Occupational safety and health stocktaking summit" conference. Around 300 politicians and officials from all Member States, representatives from EU institutions, and occupational safety and health experts gathered to discuss the implementation of the EU's strategy for health and safety at work 2021-2027.

The conference was organised within the framework of Sweden’s presidency of the EU. The themes that were in focus during the summit were, except for the stock taking itself, mental health at work, vision zero and the impact of climate change on occupational safety and health. From the Swedish government, Paulina Brandberg, Minister for Gender Equality and Working Life, participated. EU Commissioner Nicolas Schmit was one of the main speakers at the conference.

Therese Florentin, International Coordinator at Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise.

- It is clear that we must work together on many levels and between member states to find the way forward for a good working environment. Despite many challenges, there is an enormous commitment that bodes well for the future!

Priority issues during the summit

During the meeting, a number of prioritised key issues in various areas were discussed:

  • How the work of keeping the strategy up-to-date is to be done
  • Support for green and digital transition
  • How we deal with demographic changes
William Cockburn, tillförordnad direktör, EU-Osha. Foto: Viktor Pettersson/Government Offices Of Sweden

EU Agency for Occupational Safety and Health – EU-OSHA

William Cockburn from EU-OSHA, was one of the main speakers. He gave the participants an overview of the current situation and developments in the occupational health and safety field in Europe. He also looked took an approach on the future and gave participants a picture of the latest trends and developments in the work environment area.

Work environment actors in Sweden

As the summit took place in Sweden, local occupational health and safety stakeholders were invited to share their experiences and expertise from national work on health and safety in the workplace. During the conference, the opportunity was given for the exchange and comparison of specific experiences and methods between the Member States.

The picture at the top shows one of the main speakers, EU Commissioner Nicolas Schmit
Photo: Viktor Pettersson/Government Offices Of Sweden