Therese Florentin

Greetings from Therese Florentin, International Coordinator

Working as International Coordinator at the Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise (SAWEE) my intention this upcoming year is to strengthen existing networks as well as building new ones to create more international collaboration possibilities.

The aim is to live up to our governmental ordinance to follow and promote work environmental knowledge internationally.

During 2021 SAWEE has become a full member of PEROSH (Partnership for European Resarch in Occupation Safety and Health), which we are happy for, and we are planning for hosting the PEROSH research conference in 2023. More information about that will come in future newsletters.

Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load

SAWEE has the role of the EU-OSHA Focal Point in Sweden, and I hold the Focal Point Manager role. This means that I lead and coordinate the work with the knowledge spriding activities in collaboration with the Swedish National Focal Point network, a network that consists of representatives from the social partners, the Swedish Work Environment Authority, Suntarbetsliv and Prevent.

We work with three-year campaigns and the one up and running is named Healthy Workplaces Lighten the Load. The activities, this year mainly webinars, gather a lot of interest from people in the labour market, and we are now starting the plans for activities for 2022. The hope is to find more of an international touch than before, and in that way to reach outside of Sweden with our messages and learn from good examples abroad.

We have a lot of exciting plans ahead and we hope you want to come along on this journey!
/Therese Florentin, International Coordinator