Overview of OSH policies, research and practices in the context of digital platform work, review of existing data and information, fieldwork research and policy analysis in the European Union

  • 8 October 2020

  • 60 KEur

  • Low value negotiated procedure launched and managed by EU-OSHA. The Agency will sign the service contract directly with the successful tenderer(s) following this low-value procurement process.

    Deadline has passed.

Call ID: EUOSHA/2020/NE/D/SE/0132

Main services requested under the contract are to:

  • Carry out a systematic literature review of main existing studies and literature on online platform work, its association with OSH challenges and opportunities and related policies, strategies, initiatives and programmes at the EU, Member State, social partners, sectoral, platform or professional levels as well as those from other key organisations and actors as relevant.
  • Analyse the information provided by EU-OSHA National Focal Points (FOPs) within a consultation on national policies, initiatives, etc. in the context of platform work managed by EU-OSHA based on a questionnaire developed in agreement with EU-OSHA.
  • Identify and carry out an in-depth analysis of a minimum of 4 case examples of different types of platform work (one of them in the area of delivery/courier activities).
  • In-depth interviews with key informants to complement the information collected through desk research and FOPs consultation to describe more in depth the relevant policies, initiatives, strategies and programmes.
  • Draft a literature review summary report and a comprehensive report (40-50 pages each), and up to 6 individual policy cases, the individual minimum 4 case examples for publication as stand-alone deliverables and 2 policy briefs, based on the results of the research tasks.