The Unit for Analysis and Communication

The Unit for Analysis and Communication works to collect, compile, and disseminate information regarding research-based knowledge in the work environment area.

Its areas of responsibility include assessing and analysing the effects of labour market policy and tracking and promoting the development of occupational health services. The Unit also addresses intelligence analysis and work environment issues in the European Union and internationally. The Unit consists of two departments, Analysis and Communication.

The Analysis Department

The Analysis Department contains both the Agency’s own analysts, process managers, and case managers and those experts and project groups that are affiliated with the Unit for specific tasks and for set periods of time.

The work is carried out mainly in the form of projects intended to improve the quality and efficiency of our work environment initiatives. This entails evaluating the effects of implemented reforms, drawing international comparisons, and collecting and compiling pre-existing knowledge.

The Department’s tasks also include intelligence analysis. The Analysis Department generates scientific and practicable knowledge documentation and guidelines for new value-creating decisions, processes, and reforms.


The Communication Department

One of the Agency’s overarching tasks is to communicate the latest work environment research so that it can be applied in practical working life. The Communication Department works to efficiently disseminate the results of knowledge documentation and research in the work environment field in ways that are tailored to the relevant target groups.

The Communication Department works with the Analysis Department throughout all phases of the completion of the Agency’s tasks to make the knowledge and information gathered in the Agency comprehensible and readily available. The Communication Department is headed by a communication manager who reports to the Unit manager.