Organizational Change Competence in Workplaces

This report presents a literature review focused on research that has examined which factors are deemed important in creating a high level of change competence in workplaces.


The purpose of the literature review is to determine which factors in empirical research are described as being important in applying, maintaining and increasing change competence. One important part of determining what organizational change competence comprises is the ability of the organization to utilize existing competence and, through learning (individual, group and organizational learning), to develop organizational change competence.

In summary, the studies included in the literature review show that the following factors and conditions are described as being important in applying, maintaining and developing organizational change competence: management; managers and change agents; employee attitudes towards and previous experiences with change; information, communication and participation before, during and after change processes; and competence and opportunities for learning in change processes. Research on organizational change competence does not currently constitute a coherent area of research, but rather is spread across a number of areas and disciplines, particularly research about leadership and research about organizational change. The term organizational change competence lacks a more definite and generally accepted meaning within the research.

This report is written by:

Henrik Kock
Cathrine Reineholm