Overview of Research and Practices in Relation to New Forms of Worker Management through AI-based Systems and Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

  • 21 October 2020

  • 360 KEur

  • The objective is to carry out an overview of research and practices in relation to new forms of worker management through AI-based systems and occupational safety and health.

    Deadline has passed.

Call ID: EUOSHA/2020/OP/F/SE/0111

Our digitalised world introduces many new digital technologies into our workplaces, such as artificial intelligence (AI), advanced robotics, widespread connectivity, the internet of things, big data applications, wearables, mobile devices and online platforms. These technologies change the nature and location of work, who works and when, and how work is organised and managed. Digital technologies now provide essential services to all sectors of our economy and society, which can lead to innovative and sometimes exciting developments in the workplace, but also presents new challenges for workers’ safety and health.

This OSH overview will consist of four main projects focused on the following topics:

  • The impact on OSH of advanced robotics and AI-based systems for automation of tasks;
  • The impact on OSH of new forms of workers management through AI-based systems (which is the subject of this contract);
  • OSH in online platform work; and
  •  The opportunities for OSH of new systems for the monitoring of workers’ safety and health.

The 4-year OSH overview on digitalisation and OSH will be followed by an EU-wide Healthy Workplaces
Campaign dedicated to the same topic commencing in 2023.